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Warrior Kid Podcast

Mar 19, 2019

00:48 - How to get better at reading.

03:12 - Keeping secrets from parents??

06:13 - Exercises kids can do with a pull-up bar besides regular pull-ups.

08:45 - How to make time when I have homework, chores, and sports.

11:17 - How to get in condition so kids can play sports at their best and not get too tired.

11:54 -...

Mar 19, 2019

00:54 - What books should Warrior Kids read?  What subjects?

03:34 - What to do someone cuts you in line.  How to remember to do chores.

06:57 - Good workouts for kids.

10:35 - What to do when friends get you in trouble.

12:53 - Dealing with food allergies and missing out on treats.

14:36 - How to be more confident in...